KDP Seeks New Vice-Chair

From the State KDP Headquarters…

Dear Fellow Democrats,

With the election of the recent Chairman Ben Self, the position of Vice-Chair became vacant due to the bylaw requirement of maintaining gender parity with the Chair and Vice-Chair positions. A nominating committee has been formed for the search of Vice-Chair. This committee is tasked with locating and screening applicants for Vice-Chair, and sending their recommendation to the State Central Executive Committee for approval. Interested persons should submit their resume and a statement of intent to jobs@kydemocrat.com no later than 4:00 am ET, Thursday, January 18, 2018.

Note that due to bylaw requirements all candidates for Vice-Chair must be Female.

Kentucky Democratic Party
State Central Executive Committee
Vice Chair Job Description and Responsibilities

KDP Bylaws
Article VIII
Section C
Powers of the Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair of the SCEC shall preside at meetings of the SCEC in the absence of the Chair.
Upon the death, resignation, or incapacity of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall succeed to the powers and duties of the Chair until a new Chair is elected by the SCEC.


  1. Unite stakeholders for Party unity and our common purpose
  2. Fundraising for the KDP
  3. Spokesperson for the KDP on television and at various Democratic Party meetings
  4. Candidate recruitment assistance
  5. Implementing the directions of the SCEC and Chair
  6. Close communication with KDP Chair, SCEC members, KDP Counsel and County Party Leaders
  7. Increasing Democratic Party membership across the Commonwealth
  8. Create guiding strategies to recruit and retain members
  9. Oversight of the activities of the party organization
  10. Support the County Parties in their needs and efforts
  11. Understand and continue the execution of the SCEC Strategic Plan
  12. Embrace and implement 120 County Strategy
  13. Promote transparency of the organization
  14. Internal Party governance
  15. Foster recruitment and growth of grassroots leaders
  16. Unifying and build alliances with various Democratic friendly groups and external organizations
  17. Development and promulgation of Party policy
  18. Attend all scheduled SCEC and DNC meetings
  19. Open door policy for all constituents


  1. Established track record of fundraising
  2. Strong working knowledge of Kentucky communities and Democratic voters across the Commonwealth
  3. Demonstrated understanding of political dynamics in the Commonwealth and of Kentucky’s place in the nation
  4. Public speaking and media skills
  5. Ability to establish and maintain a credible reputation and high profile presence in the Commonwealth and in local communities
  6. Current relationships with state and national political partners

*The Kentucky Democratic Party is committed to providing equal opportunities for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or any other status protected by federal, state, and local laws.

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  1. Michelle Warren says:

    My personal belief is that the parties, both dems and Republicans leaders are out of touch with the average citizen. We need leaders who understand the struggles most of us who were not born wealthy face daily. Politics and farming have both become a rich persons game. I VOTE!

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